3 Beautiful pouffes you will like to take home

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The word pouffe comes from the French bouffer which actually means puff. But a pouffe is somehow a charming and functional accent everybody needs in their living rooms and anywhere. They remind me of little puppies that need and give love! They can turn into an extra seat when gathering around the coffee table; they could be a comfy footrest when watching TV; they can help you gain some cm when you’re trying to reach that book on top of your rack; they can act as an emergency end table when you need to leave your phone for a minute; or simply a beautiful accent that rounds off your ensemble!


We chose some different styles to mix and match with any style. Enjoy!


This boho chic white beauty. The only thing you’ll have to watch out is not to spill anything on it. So white so good!  


We said we love jute. Yes, we do. Here’s a jute resistant pouffe ottoman that has all the summer vibes. Jute has the advantage that is rigid, so it can also be used as coffee or end table. 



A Moroccan ultra puffy pouffe that not only looks beautiful and gives you the ethnic goosebumps but also looks super comfy for a Netflix and popcorn evening. 


Love them all? Get them all and mix and match!

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