3 ways to decorate your coffee table

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Coffee-tables are one of the main characters of our TV-centric living rooms. They work perfectly to support our snacks while we’re watching a movie, serving coffee or offering our guests a yummy snack. However, in the meantime, they also are an important part of our home decoration. An empty coffee-table, no matter if its an artwork by itself, is empty. You’re losing a chance to display beautiful accents! Today we want to offer some coffee-table decoration inspiration, believe it or not, there are options to make your coffee-table shine!


  1. Cactus for a bohemian living room. Yes, Cactus in beautiful planters will complement your bare coffee table. And they’re easy to put away in case you need an empty surface. Just look how cool this living room looks!


  1. Trays are your friend! A shocking rose gold tray can totally change the flare of your entire ensemble. Try displaying some candles, vases with flowers, and your fave whisky set. If you don’t need all of this on the table you just can carry the tray away ;)


  1. Hipster Hardcovers with shocking beautiful pictures. Books are not only for reading, but coffee table books are full of inspiration and your guests will be hypnotized when you need to leave them alone for a moment in your living room. I bet when you come back from the kitchen with a snack they’re peeking all of the beautiful books and magazines on your coffee table!


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