5 facts about PVC window film you might not know

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Window films are made out of a thin layer of flexible PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), which is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. It’s estimated that the yearly production of PVC reaches a high of 5 kg per earth inhabitant!

What makes this material ideal to dress up your windows are some of its properties that you might not know.


  1. It won’t fall off!


PVC allows producing very thin sheets of window film that can cling on any smooth no-porous surface without the risk of falling off despite harsh humid conditions nor extreme temperatures. That’s why you should not worry about installing it on your bath or shower screens. It won’t fall off.


 2. Insulation at its best!


PVC has a very high density. So despite its ultra-thin thickness window films are able to insulate your windows from extreme outside temperatures. Use it in winter to keep your house warm. Install it during the summer and save on air conditioning. Of course the darker the window film the more effective against solar exposure.


  1. Decorate!


Thanks to its high tensile strength (elasticity) it is very easy to manipulate and cut shapes to decorate your windows or any smooth surface. I personally like to cut it into cute shapes and stick it onto my mirrors!


  1. Protect your furniture and skin against UV!


UV rays that shine through your windows directly affect on the ageing of both your skin and furniture. PVC is a very durable material that does not lose colour nor change its shape by solar exposure. Moreover, it can block up to 90% of these harmful UV rays!



  1. It’s eco-friendly!


Due to its static cling and high durability, you can use window film and reuse it as many times as you want without losing any of these PVC’s properties. Furthermore, it does not use any harmful glues nor other adhesives!




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