5 home deco in millennial pink you can get on Amazon

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Is it rose gold? Is it rose pink? Is it a soft blush pink? How to define the colour that has been named after the most controversial generation? Whatever, millennial pink has been a big hit! We see it on Instagram, on ads, everywhere we go and it seems it won't go away, we just love it! You can get anything you want in this colour these days! And yes you’re right, there is plenty of gorgeous home decoration and furniture on Amazon in millennial rose gold or soft blush pinkish pink! We love them all, but we had to pick our 5 faves for you:




This fabulous white office chair with rose gold armrests and base. I think every girl would feel like Barbie sitting on this rotating stylish chair, can’t wait to turn and swing my hair on it! Get it here for just $132  



A set of two cute little ottomans to gather and gossip with your girly friends around your coffee table. They look like little fairy mushrooms, I just love them. And when the party is over you can always complement your sofa with two beautiful footrests! For under $30 each, I think it’s a bargain! 



 What about this accent table to use as an end table or plant stand by your sofa? Or as a nightstand, Maybe I should get more than one! Round and tall and all rose gold! It’ll give any corner a sophisticated millennial touch for $69.99. 


Have you ever ran out of your phone’s battery at night and the alarm clock just did not ring? Well I did, that’s why I use a classic alarm clock. And also because it looks classy on my nightstand. But well it makes sure I wake up every morning and I forget about phone battery anxiety. Look at this beauty! A classic retro alarm clock in millennial rose gold pink to rock your bedroom. Lovely, ain’t it? Get it here for $30.



If you own a garment rack make it stand out with these rose gold wire cloth hangers. Your white basic T-shirts won’t look cheap anymore. A little pricey but absolutely worth it! 


Which ones are you getting? Leave us a comment down below and share this blog post with your millennial pink addict friends :D!

Do you know the scientific reason why we're crazy about this colour? Did you know it's been only from 2016 that we actually call it "Millennial Pink"? Click here and here for great articles about this colour craze!

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