5 simply gorgeous Easter decorations

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This year Easter is late but it’s already around the corner! Have you prepared your house and garden for the holidays? Egg hunting has always been one of my fave Easter events. Kids love Easter and they also will have a lot of free time so it’s always nice to have some activities prepared for them so that they don’t get stuck on the TV, tablets and other electronic devices. Decorating the house and garden is a super exciting activity for them and it helps to develop their creativity. We found some super cute Easter decorations on Amazon you can add to your every year’s Easter essentials.


These wooden Easter Egg Bunnies to decorate your console in your entryway. What a better way to say welcome to Easter! 


Who said wreaths are only for Christmas? Well, this eggcellent wreath is not only a celebration of Easter but also of spring! The cure pink little flowers the glitter and the eggs...! Hang it on your entry door to tell everyone you love spring, you love Easter! 


We loved this garland because it’s simple and beautiful. It’s perfect to kick start your egg hunting party in the garden or to decorate your kid’s room! 


A set of 4 adorable bunnies cushions that you can still use throughout the year. Look at those cute little bunnies! 


This cute little carrot hangers that you can hang all around your house: door knobs, wardrobe knobs, window knobs, everywhere! They can also serve to DIY :)


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