6 Wall Art Ideas

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We talked about how to decorate with wall art before. In today’s blog post we share a list of creative wall art you can get on Amazon at affordable prices. Enjoy!

 A set of 3 abstract simple frame-less hipster prints. You can use them together as a composition, or separately. You can also share the extra 2 pieces with friends! $26.99 on Amazon.


Another set of 6 frame-less prints with water coloured botanical motives which will add a refreshing flare. These are handmade in the USA according to the seller’s listing! $19.97 on Amazon.


A single but bigger wooden framed print of an aloe vera to play with sizes in your wall art compositions! $28.99 on Amazon.


A North American pin map to keep track of the places you’ve visited and brag about it with your guests! $109 on Amazon.


This 3D composition of bright gold colour sculptures that will level your artistic home a notch up. And it'll match this year's trendy yellow mustards. $129.99 on Amazon.


A horizontal painting canvas that will match any mid-century or minimalist living room. $86.90 on Amazon


And last but not least, a bohemian macrame wall hanging that will rock your boho decoration! $19.99 on Amazon.

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