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Who'd have thought that a thin layer of PVC could serve for so many purposes?

When we started developing our window film products we were so focused in delivering a thin layer of the best quality PVC that could adhere to any smooth surface without forming any air bubbles and would stick to its shape and adhesion for years, no matter how extreme temperatures would heat or freeze the surface they're sticking to.


An we came up with it. With the best materials and technologies to produce a 100% safe super adherent no-glue Window Films.

Our first window films were mainly focused on light treatment for homes and offices. One of our CEO's best friend lives in Houston, Texas in a beautiful house with wide windows that let a lot of light in. Which is aesthetically awesome but he always complained about his waste of energy during the hot summers. So he was the one to try our first UV treatment for windows which requires no glass tint, no glue, and no specialist to install. He loved the DIY feeling of treating his windows with the rolls we sent him.

He said, "I did not know it's reusable. I can apply it during the summers, uninstall it in winter and store it for next heat wave. But you know what'd be even more awesome? I like the nice tint and it takes a lot of the heat, brightness, and heat. My curtains do that too and they also have the PRIVACY advantage. If you could add to this great Window Film something that'd would not let my neighbours peep while I'm watching TV while letting all this thin mystical light in, now that would be the best window treatment every Texan in the US needs!"

Thus we came up with the One-Way-Mirror Solar film. Whoever peeps into your windows will only see himself reflected during daytime. While you can perfectly see form the inside. 


Of course solar film darkens a bit the light that comes in through your windows, so our next goal was to deliver a window film focused on privacy and with more reusable easiness due to a more elastic PVC material that would not form any wrinkles.

Thus we developed our Frosted Privacy Window Film which is loved by office owners who needed a flexible privacy solution for their every-day-changing office layouts. But Coavas Frosted Privacy Window Film soon started to gain popularity in American homes. Specially in small flats that have toilet window facing another building's window. We started manufacturing different sizes of window film rolls, more suited for small DIY projects. Today more than ten million customers have bought our best seller Coavas Frosted Privacy Window Film in renowned stores such as Walmart, CostCo or Amazon. 

Why do they keep choosing our innovative window films? Scroll all the way down to the product's reviews to find out that the best feature of our window films is the high quality materials that last and keep their adhering skills for years

With this same materials we could keep focusing on privacy, the more grain on the film, the more privacy. The more flexible the material the more resilient and reusable. So we thought of all those people that work on night shifts and need to temporary create a dark room. Those light frighteners for whom just a curtain does not work. 

Thus, we used our experience with frosted films and we developed a blackout thick and dark PVC roll that could keep it 100% dark. Perfect for those that need to temporary create the total darkness. You can tear it off in seconds swell as reinstall it. No wonder why it's one of the favourites for babies' parents.



Finally as Coavas mastered both Privacy and Light treatment for windows and Coavas Window Films gained popularity around the globe we started to diversify our styles of window films to match with any decoration. Now our window films display the most fresh and unique patterns so that you can keep it private while enhancing your home's decoration. 


With this post we wanted to:

1) Share a little bit of our history and track record in the window treatment industry so far. How we developed our unique products and show you the best uses of them

2) And most important, to thank all our customers who are making it possible for us to keep developing window films for every one. To be honest our business is both to sell and to provide our customers with the best window treatments. And I think we have not done bad so far.


More window Films to come during this season. Keep tuned.


Warm Regards,

Your Coavas Team - Window Film Division

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  • Gloria M Rodriguez on

    Como puedo comprar el papel leche

  • Cheryl Rykwalder on

    Please sell samples! I don’t want to purchase this from a picture. I want to feel the thickness, and make sure light gets through. I like the icy or rainy window look, not an opaque white pane.

  • Brenda Figueroa on

    I purchased your window film that is to be applied with water on the window. However, the window is textured and the film will not stick by using water. Can the film be attached to the window with a spray adhesive? If so, does it need to be a clear adhesive? Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I love the film pattern and so want to use it.

  • timothy english on

    Good day, I live in a rental which is about 6 feet from a sidewalk, to get any light into the apartment we have to open the curtains but have no privacy, I would like to find a window file to allow light in but still protect our privacy. I can not damage anything as it is a rental. Thank you in advance. What should I be looking for?

  • Penny B Abulencia on

    Hello I am very interested in using your amazing product for two skylights but I do NOT see any mention that they will work on skylights. These two skylights are in the ceiling – totally horizontal about 20inches by 40inches. Do your products work in those situations? Thanks for your response.

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