Become a Chef with these 5 smart cooking gadgets

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Cooking is so much fun. However, when time is limited and, admit it, you are neither patient nor a pro, results can go beyond a tasteless dinner. You are probably one of those that end up with a messy kitchen and an upset ego (if you’re reading this, statistically you probably are. Sorry for those who are not ^_^). Some recipes do need time, patience, and expertise. So on this blog post we bring you some simple yet very clever tools to surprise your guests with your cooking skills with little effort and in a matter of minutes. Just click on the images to get them all next day delivered on Amazon!


  1. An avocado slicer because slicing avocado in same sized slices is time slicing. This super cool tool will make your breakfast wholegrain toast look amazing for an insta feed update. 


  1. Oh I’m craving a tomato soup with some freshly chopped basil on top of it right now! But well, my knife is not sharp and I’m too lazy to chop. That’s why I’d love to own one of these herb scissors. Not only for herbs, but I also thought it could make bacon slicing for my carbonara much easier!


  1. Tired of starchy spills and stains on your shiny ceramic stove? Well this super simple gadget will help your pot not to over boil when cooking pasta or forgetting you were warming up your milk. It’s made of silicone so soft to touch and easy to clean. It also works as an insulating mat to keep your food always fresh in your fridge. Get it for under $5 a piece! 


  1. Want to keep track of the temperature and timing of your grandma secret recipe stew? Do you cook while watching Netflix and normal timers are too mainstream? Try this pro smart thermometer that sends all the info you need via Bluetooth and will make sure your culinary artworks stay juicy and delicious! 


  1. If you ever tried to make sushi and failed it’s just because you did not own this maki machine. With a simple mechanism it guarantees that nori stays where it has to stay and you slice beautiful California rolls all the way! Invite some friends over and surprise them with home made sushi! 

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