Coavas Furniture you can get on the Sims 4!

Coavas Home

My first interest for furniture arose back in the 2000s with “The Sims” game I could spend my whole evenings procrastinating my homework and studying for exams just to create the coolest living room for my Sims! Yes, that game changed my way of seeing furniture for sure. Indeed I could not wait till I could live by myself and start decorating my own home. Hands up who was a Sims fan too! Today's Sims have evolved so much from those pixeled sets of furniture you could get back then. On the Sims 4, you can even buy furniture online, that’s nuts! So here is a list of furniture you can get for the Sims that looks like Coavas furniture :D  Enjoy this revival as much as I enjoyed scrolling through all the Sims 4 galleries!


This Zomba like chairs 


This Kauwhatta-like set of nesting tables!


This Afra-like trestle desk!


A Chad-like pedestrial round dining table!


An all this set of SIms Furniture for an absolutely gorgeous reading nook we could not help but share with you!


We got all of these images on  I hope we brought you some nostalgy back and you enjoyed this gallery :)!

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