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If you’d like to buy a small but functional computer desk for your office, study, bedroom or living room, you can find whatever you need in this Coavas computer desk.

This desk comes with modern design, I thought the surface have a faux woodgrain with some light texture, but it really has the look and feels of real wood right down to the grooves and crevices. I like its simple and practical style. I’ve got from Vogue Carpenter(amazon store) the day before yesterday and received this computer desk and unpacked it yesterday. For I’m not a person for building things, it took me 10 mins to put it together(it can be quicker), no tools were needed at all. The desk was put in my living room at this moment.

I suppose the desk has a perfect size. When I use my 2018 15in Macbook Pro on the computer table, I can have enough room to both sides of the laptop, you can put some books or a cup of coffee on both sides if necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I just think the size is great for me, but in my brother’s opinion, this coavas desk is a little bit small. You should measure the size carefully according to the seller’s product description and make your own decision if the desk is right for you or not.

For its versatility, It can be used as a side table for a lamp and fan or my wife’s makeup table when not used as a computer desk. It’s really useful sometimes.

I know people buy desks which are sturdy and can last years. Only a small portion of people buy furniture only according to its looks and functions. This coavas computer desk seems not sturdy in 1st impression, but actually, it’s well built considering the price. Don’t let its looks deceive you.

From the pic, you can know that the Coavas computer table is slim and compact. When you folded it up, you can easily put it in a closet, so if you do not want to use it, you can save it conveniently.

For a $60 computer table, this Coavas versatile table is sturdy and stable in its quality, and it can also be used for different occasions, what’s more, it’s convenient for you to put it together and put it away. If you just want to get a new computer desk, this Coavas desk should be on your shopping list.


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