Furniture Tips: 3 Cheap Couches You Can Get Online

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Top 3 Best Couches You Can Get Online

Hi everyone!

I hope the lockdown / isolation is not driving you crazy. We are surviving at Coavas. Demand for Furniture and Home Deco online has skyrocketed for the past weeks! Which means we're actually complying with isolation, fighting the pandemic all together - :)!


I've been getting the same question since we started the Coavas Project which is WHY COAVAS DOES NOT SELL ANY COUCHES? While we are still growing in the furniture industry we're trying to deliver the simplest furnishings at the best prices - and shipping is a big cost! So we're planning to sell couches online in the future, we've just not gotten there!

I've looking for sofas and couches lately and browsing Amazon's catalogue for the right one. These are the 3 that impressed me the most. They're all free shipping.


#1 A stylish couch under $300

If you're looking a couch that fits your style and your budget I found this one really neat and classy. It's not too big, yet not too small, I think it'd be perfect for a small flat in the city! Check more details here.

Promising Review 4/5 Stars:

"If you're broke like me but love style, get this couch! I'm a young college student and recently got a house with my boyfriend. We have a small living room and an even smaller budget. I saw this couch while browsing and thought, 'why not!?' I must say, I am not disappointed. We have two dogs (one being the puppy in the pictures) and it has held up surprisingly well to play time. I am 5'7, and can comfortably stretch out my legs without hanging over the side of the couch. "


#2 A Modern Couch for roughly $300

Eventhough it isn't the cheapest color option (it comes in a wide range of colours) this mustard tone caught my eye instantly. If you're looking for the modern minimalist touch, this is the right choice! With over 1700 ratings and an average of 4 out of 5 stars. WARNING: some reviewers complain it's a little too small. But that's minimalism, if you want to get fancy you should give up other things! So try to check dimensions before making your "add to cart" decision :).

Promising review:

"Very impressed with this couch especially for the money! We put it in our Airstream trailer, and it has taken the design to another level. So happy we pulled the trigger on this. I also like the mustard color; unique and funky. It is firm but still comfortable."


#3 A Couch that's also a Bed for under $200!

It might not be the fanciest, but you'll score a goal of practicality! Whenever the party ends late at your flat you can always invite your friends to sleep over on this couch that turns into a comfy bed in seconds. With over 4000 ratings and with an average 4.5/5 stars the looks like the couch we all need! Check color range and other details here.


Promising Review: 

"Great Futon! We bought this futon for our five dogs, so they would stop trying to get on the couch. It came rolled up in plastic, you cut it open, and pops out like a can of biscuits would. Its very comfortable, our dogs love it and have stopped attempting to get on our couch because they now have their very own. It is worth the money, don't bother buying something for cheaper that will just go flat in a years time. This is great and we would recommend anyone buying it for their homes for themselves, or your fury friends! Its comfortable!"


Tell me in the comments whether you got one of these! I'm still looking for a couch!



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