Get the Boho Chic look with Macrame: All macrame stuff you can find on Amazon

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Macrame is defined as the art of knotting string in patterns to make decorative articles.

And boho chic is a trend that blends hippie and bohemian homeless styles in a “chic” way. Hippies are well known for using natural materials to handcraft their goods that’s why macrame gives us the boho vibes instantly. This trend arose popularity back in 2005 with celebrities like Sienna Miller or Kate Moss and has conquered home deco in the last years. You can find many macrame decorations on Amazon to boho up your home and give it your personal boho chic notes! Here are our faves:


A macrame mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the boho chic-est of them all?



A macrame table runner

That will make your coolest recipes look the coolest on Instagram


Macrame pillows

For boho-chic sweet dreams!


A boho chic macrame storage basket

To keep your home neat and tidy


A super large fringed boho garden hammock

For a pleasant summer nap outdoors.


Macrame wall art

To hang boho vibes on your walls


A macrame boho throw blanket

To match with the above-mentioned macrame pillows


Macrame plant hangers


To create your indoor (and outdoors) boho jungle!


A macrame curtain

You can use as a room divider or wall art, or bed dosel


A macrame lamp

to light up your chill sessions


A macrame pouffe

To complete your boho ensemble


A macrame rug

you will need to be super careful not to ruin, but worth the effort!


did you get any of them? tell us in the comments below!

Have a good week!



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