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It’s been some years now that I’ve been renting my apartment and I’m still deciding what to do with the blank space on top of my couch. So I started making my mind and buying some wall art. When it comes to compositions I’ll admit I do not have a very good eye, I need to try and try and try until I find the style I am satisfied with. If you're feeling you're like me, keep reading this blog post!

How I fixed my deco insecurities: 

I thought I could use some basic technologies to help me out with my problem! I took a front picture of my sofa with the blank space and uploaded it to my computer. Now I know my sofa is 190cm long. Bearing this reference in mind I could scale all wall art I found on the internet to the dimensions of the picture. So I started pasting and moving around all those beautiful frames and pictures til I finally was satisfied with the result. It was a whole lot of fun!


Just to clarify, this is not the actual picture of my living room, but it illustrates the situation pretty well :)



Then surfed through Pinterest to find inspiration on how to decorate:

 I had some doubts about displaying options...

 What would look better?


A big piece of art in the centre of the wall?


 A composition of different sized frames?


Combining shelves with little frames and knickknacks with other frames?



I finally decided what best matches my character is my DIYed composition of many pictures and different sized frames. Maybe I could change the pictures seasonally, I thought!


The next step was choosing a theme, which was also quite difficult for me.

I saw compositions about nature that I really found amazing...



 but also about abstract art that I thought would rock my mid-century modern interior design...



And I also thought about displaying some of my fave personal photographs!



Finally, I had to choose a colour palette that would match my living room’s deco. Since both my furniture and walls are of neutral tones it was another hard choice.


I really liked the idea of black framed black and white pics.


But also thought it’d be an opportunity to pop out some reds or warmer colours.



Or maybe some greens to highlight my plants?



I still have not made my final decision but I had lots of fun in this process. I really found my method pretty useful though! Hope it can help you with your wall art decorations!


What do you think? Leave us a comment and if you find this blog entry useful please share! 


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