How to handle cables and cords in your home office

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Although technology is tending naturally to eliminate cables from our office desks, we still struggle with chargers and power sources. Here at Coavas we do make all our desks with a cable friendly and hardware friendly design to minimize all the struggling. When buying a desk (and if you freak out trying to get your cables in place) make sure it has an open back so that all the cable handling process gets the easiest.


Cables are:

  • Unaesthetic
  • Dangerous (if you step on them and if you have kids)
  • A spot for dust accumulation


So in this blog post, we will show you some of the smartest gadgets we’ve found to complement your open back cable friendly office desk. You can get them all on Amazon.


Let’s organize our cord mess!




  • If you need to have your charger end close at hand, I would highly recommend sticking one of these cool clips on your tabletop. You’ll never need to bend over and over again to get it from the floor and you prevent breaking it by stepping into it by accident.



  • These are similar to the above ones but have different colours and are reusable thanks to the wonders of velour


  • Last but not least this is a great solution to merge together and create a plugging hub

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