HYGGA: a simple explanation of a complex concept

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Much have we heard about this trend for the last years. To be honest what first came to my mind when I heard or read the word HYGGE was Ikea. I thought every single product IKEA sells has a hygge-ish flare. Because every time I saw a picture with a Hygge hashtag I spotted some IKEA furniture or home gadgets... I was actually not completely wrong since HYGGE is a Danish word. And IKEA is a Swedish company. So they share the Scandinavian cliche. Well, yeah, I’ll admit I was mistaken... So, what exactly does this Danish word mean?


Hygge, which you pronounce Hoo-ga is not a word that describes an object. It’s more like a concept actually. It invites you to enjoy the cosiness and that warm home feeling we all get when it’s cold outside and we are so comfy in our living rooms reading a book while sipping a hot cappuccino. It is actually an obsession Danes have with finding cosiness in everything that surrounds them. It’s part of their culture.


It all started back in 1800 when the first written Hygge word appeared, derived from a Norwegian word that means “well-being”. And it was not until the mid-2000s that we, the non-Scandinavians, got the notion of this trend. It became one of the hottest home decor trends on Pinterest in 2017. We are so late!


Everything can be Hygge actually. Your cup of coffee, your warm rug, your cosy home socks... even a warm bath can be Hygge, which by the way can be used as a noun or as an adjective as Hyggelig.


Things that have a high chance of being Hygge:


- throw blankets

- soft pillows

- hairy fluffy rugs

- candles

- mini led lights (specially in a warm yellowish light tone)

- wood

- fireplaces


Here are some beautiful pictures that feature Hygge we found on Pinterest.




What is Hygge for you? What’s the Hyggest thing you have in your home?


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