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Lately when I’m on Instagram I find myself ALWAYS wowing at all interiors that look like a mini jungle. The truth is that both the vibrant green of indoor plants and how fresh they look is increasingly making me nuts about getting some beautiful pots and start my own plant oasis at home. Like a real one complementing the fake ones I’ve got.


Research suggest that surrounding yourself with plants and nature improves focus and productivity specially when it comes to studying or working, reduces stress, and creates an overall great feeling of wellness.


So how to choose indoor plants that are less likely to die coexisting with an absolute plant noob like me?


I’ve done my job here and I’m bringing you the top 5 I’d buy and the best tips for starters.


#1 Aloe Vera 


You've probably heard of Aloe Vera's skin care products. The jelly inside their creasy leaves is known for its numerous benefits from healing burns to improving digestion health! wow! What if I told you you can have it at home?

It comes in all sizes and it grows very fast without the need of intensive maintenance.

All it needs is sunlight and eventual watering. Its thick leaves can absorb moisture in the air so it will survive if you forget to water it.

It grows very fast and you may need to change to a bigger planter if you want it to keep growing.


For a medium size aloe I'd choose a beautifulI ceramic planter with ethnic print to place in my living room close to a big window. Just like this.

#2 Pothos


There are many versions of this beautiful easy growing plant. The leaves can be solid green or yellow-green or even white and green. Among others, Pothos has the great advantage that they are high on the list of plants that can help purify indoor air of chemicals such as formaldehyde, trichloroethene, toluene, xylene, and benzene. Pothos does not need direct light nor lots of water. When  the soil's dried out completely it's when you should water it again. It's a plant that propagate very easy and can leave in a jar of water for weeks. It makes a beautiful hanging plant since it tends to grow down looking for a floor. 

Watch out uf you have pets at home since Pothos is toxic if ingested.

Here's a great idea for a planter to hang in your office or patio:

 # Adam's Rib Plant

If you want a dramatic jungle look this one has it all. Its leaves can grow up to 45cm and it does not need intensive cares. Just water it once a week and that's it. When you see roots coming out the planter that means you need to change into a bigger one. The pattern of its leaves is irregularly mesmerising. 

For a huge Monstera Deliciosa I'd choose a simple standing planter, since the plant alone stands out by itself. 

Is your home already a mini Oasis? Tell us in the comments!

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