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According to Wikipedia candles are ignitable wicks embedded in wax or another flammable solid substance.


Historically candles were used due to lack of electric light to light up the dark. However, nowadays we have electric lamps everywhere and we use candles to decorate or create warm atmospheres. So today we are going to share with you some of our fave candles you can buy from Amazon. Flameless, classic, tea lights, scented… there’s a whole world of candles out there you can use to decorate, create a chill atmosphere, or use for your next date dinner. Enjoy!



  1. The classic plain white pillar candle set to light up a relaxing bath


Fancy a cup of wine, a good book, some fresh fruits while you relax in the bathtub? Create this chilling atmosphere with this classic set of candles combining different sizes. Remember, the more melted and used they look the better! for just 17.99 each set 


  1. Enjoy a different scent


Olfactory memory belongs to our basic instincts. Indeed recognizing smells and associating them to things and situations can save our lives in plenty of daily situations. Like you know milk is spoiled because it smells different and you won’t drink it.

So no wonder companies constantly use olfactory marketing techniques to attract and retain consumers!


Back to candles, there’s a huge range of scented candles you can get to give as a gift or to scent your home and give the best first impression!


We chose this luxurious huge diptyque Baies candle which high price is supported by no less than 142 positive reviews. It smells to roses and berries and the packaging and jar are super pretty and elegant! And when the candle is over you can use the jar to store your fave makeup brushes on your desk! On Amazon for 74.99! 


  1. Add a touch of colour to every room in your home


Combine differently shaped, sized, and coloured candles to complement any room’s decoration. Little candles make a better impression as a set. Big candles will stand up alone. Add candle holders and lanterns to complete the look! (and for safety when lightning them up)


  1. Randomly shaped candles they’re just too cute and you’ll probably won’t light up.


We surfed all over Amazon to find the cutest and oddest candles ever. Enough internet for today!




Realistic Kitties 


Cacti Set 


  1. Safe LED Candles you can use outdoors.


And that’s all said :D. A simple battery will light up a long lasting led to chill the hell out of your terrace or wherever you need it! And they come with a remote control so that you can light them up from your sofa!







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