Solar Window Film: Save Energy This Summer

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Summer is here again.

Did you know you can survive this time of the year with a minimum aircon spend? Partially blocking sunlight through your windows can help you keep your home temperature up to 5C cooler during the hottest days without the need of aircon.


Here are some tips to deal with the heat this summer: 


1) Get some solar film for all your windows

It's easy to install and to remove when summer is over and it blocks up to 98% of UV rays comiung through your windows. During sunlight it'll look like a mirror from the outside providing 100% privacy. be aware that at nighttime when turning lights on it wont provide any privacy.

2) Keep curtains and blinds closed in the rooms that you're not using.

70% of the heat in your home is caused by sunlight. Blocking it totally will help you keep your rooms cooler.


3) Invest in a good ceiling fan

It will save lots of energy compared to aircon and recirculates hot air from the top of the room.

4) Refresh your facade with fresh water at night

When the sun is down use a water hose to water all your house's facades gently. This will remove excess heat of your walls and will help dropping the temperature inside of the house. 


5) Take a cold shower before going to sleep.

Your body accumulates heat. Despite not being very pleasant when you first step into a cold shower, be brave and wait a few seconds: you'll feel much better. Apart from helping you in reducing the excess heat of your body it'll make your blood circulation work much better. 


Tell us in the comment section how's the weather like where you live and if you already knew about this cooling tips.


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    Can you use the film on bathroom windows

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