Some tips on how to get rid of stains on fabric upholstery

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You just bought a beautiful sofa in a bright camel tone and you’re mad at every guest that drinks or eats on it. Calm down, furniture is to enjoy it and if it’s with your friends and family, much much better! We collected some of the best tips to enjoy your upholstered everything without any regrets!


  • Preventing methods:


You have some guests over and they bring their kiddos for lunch. You’re playing with the "knowing in advance" advantage so... prepare your sofa and upholstered chairs for the occasion! It takes just a few minutes to deploy your couch protector army, and it comes in very cool colours and shapes. 


...Okay, you are not very much into couch covers. There’s a miracle product that can protect your fabrics from stains. You just need to spray it on your upholstered furniture, curtains (and even works on your shoes!) to make them stain resistant. If you watch some reviews on youtube you’re gonna be surprised. It works like a miracle, worth a try for sure!


  • You did not read number 1 and you ended up in this blog post desperately looking for a solution for your stained upholstery. Okay don’t panic we may be able to help you:



- dish soap

- hydrogen peroxide

- hot water


Put some drops of dish soap into hot water. Spray the mix directly on the stained areas to make them super wet. Then, generously spray them with hydrogen peroxide and leave it reacting for at least 10 minutes. Be careful to try this first in a small spot of the fabric to make sure the mix does not damage the type of fabric you’re cleaning.


After 10 minutes brush the mix away and use a vacuum cleaner to remove and dry the excess mix.


TADAAA!! it should have worked. Remember that the longer you let the stain penetrate the fibres of the fabric the more difficult it will be to clean them. It also depends a lot on the kind of stain it is and the fabric in which it is.


 We hope we helped you either way. However, we insist in highly recommending you give a try the miracle Scotchgard!

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