TOP 3 fave Instagram accounts for home deco inspiration

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Hashtag #homegoals, Instagram is a great source of inspiration for home decoration and interior design. I follow so many accounts that I decided to pick my 3 faves each week and tell you why.


Let’s start by a Juno filter gallery I’m obsessed with: @decorwarrior  

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Who needs color when you have infinite shades of nude and grey? Although Eijafi defines her deco style as rustic, romantic, and country I’d add some spice of boho and a huge amount of hygge. I really love how all those neutral tones blend in. Real Nordic Hygga on this Finish mother of 2 ‘s feed with daily updates.



From decowarrior's neutralism to the great explosion of color on @thejungalow . "Bring good vibes home" is their slogan. And all those colors and shapes definitely  bring happiness to my feed every day!


When I see all those colors I cannot help but fall into a deep nostalgia about my last year’s road trip through Mexico. Not only the colors, cactus everywhere, but the rattan and materials are a whole world of deco inspo. Enjoy!



And for thrifty deco inspiration, I love @berlinhomelove.


With obvious inspiration in mid-century modern and some wabi-sabi touches, this feed gives me ideas on how to look for thrift shop bargains. And plant inspiration! I also enjoy following the lifestyle of this millennial Berliner.

If you want to discover more Instagram home inspo, stay tuned, every Monday I'll update you with my weekly faves!

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