Top 3 lamps that will match your mid-century modern living room

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Lighting is key to a warm home. We've been browsing the web to bring you our lighting faves that will round off your living room's MCM look! We chose wisely: A ceiling lamp, a standing lamp, and a table lamp. Enjoy!

1.The iconic ceiling Sputnik lamp

With dimensions comparable to a beach ball and sprouted by its many antennae, the Sputnik was launched as the first satellite to orbit the earth back in 1957. While this mid-century iconic lamp won’t orbit around your living room, its design is inspired in the Russian satellite. Its original version is attributed to the Italian designer Gino Sarfatti, however, there are many inspired replicas out there nowadays. Our fave one is definitely this in a brass tone:

Get it on Amazon for just $165.89 

2.The Arco Floor Lamp

Standing like a street lamp, the Castiglioni brothers, used the minimal amount of materials to create this lighting icon. The original one used Carrara marble for the pedestal and stainless steel for its round colander lampshade and long arch. The one we chose for our budget MCM living room is neither the original design nor made of these noble materials. But it looks great for around $100, ain’t it?

3.This warm table lamp to top your end table or nightstand

Just look at those curves! The lampshade in a warm camel tone and walnut finish will make you feel cosy even during the coldest winter days! We found it on Amazon for just $60!

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