Weekly Top 3 Home Decoration Instagram

Coavas Home

Here we come again with my weekly home deco insta faves. My picks are right now like really biased. We’ve been having awesome weather for the last few days. Blue skies and all the spring-ish vibes. So I ended up unconsciously choosing bright and gay colored feeds. These are just awesome!





The classic style with the pop-out colors is just amazing. Love all wall motives and the Disney Princess feeling colors. It also reminds me of Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, do not ask me why... haha




Another colorful inspiration. This time mixed up with more modernist lines. I specially enjoy Ariel’s DIY makeovers. Makes me feel I can transform any thrifty furniture in a beautiful piece of colorful art.




Featured in plenty of media, probably the most known of them three is Societysocial. I already knew their blog but I just got addicted to their feed. They also have a shop I love their Stevie Swivels that you can personalize with incredibly beautiful upholstery.


I hope you love these as much as I do!


Have a good weekend!

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