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Yes, you’re reading it right, it’s not a new Wasabi for your Unagi Roll, it’s Wabi Sabi! It is the latest interior design trend that we will keep seeing the rest of 2019. 


Wabi Sabi ( from Japanese侘寂) has been around since the 15th Century. It is indeed a world view centred in the acceptance of transience and imperfection.


Wabi-sabi has a lot to do with connecting with earth and nature and enjoying the simple pleasures of life so one of the trends is to choose natural-looking materials like wood, stone, plants, etc…


But most important, life is messy so you should enjoy when your home is messy too!

We suggest you start choosing different styles and colors of dining chairs and mix them together, embrace imperfections. Or you if you followed 2017 Skandi trends, not a problem! Just mix some industrial minimal designs and your home will look imperfectly beautiful!


Take a look at these pictures to get inspired and scroll through our catalogue to start Wabi Sabing your life!



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