What’s the difference between a couch and a sofa?

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English speakers will notice a slight difference when pronouncing these two words in their brains. However, this difference may lay in their casualness when describing that piece of furniture in our living rooms that are the climax of cosiness when holding our butts.


As a non-native speaker myself if I ever were asked what the difference between sofa and couch is, I’d probably say Couch is American English while Sofa is British.


Well not at all. We’re all wrong! Wrong in many ways!


Ethnologically speaking couch comes from the French word Couche that should have described an armless seat used for lying that might have started to become popular during the Victorian Era. Sofas, on the other hand, have their ethnological roots in the Arabic word “Suffah”, a bench with many cushions and blankets.


From the size perspective, sofas tend to big bigger since their associated with receiving guests. While a couch should be comfy for up to 3 people.


So we could conclude that Sofas are fancy big guests’ butt holders, while a couch is where your personal snuggling station when you’re with your partner watching a movie.


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