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All round tables in our catalogue. Why did we choose to start selling round tables? Do you know what a round table means? Do you know its origin?


We all somehow notice round tables are magic. And very cool! What makes you feel so connected to a round dining table? Well, to start with, round dining tables have no head, which implies that all people that sit around it have the same status. Being at the same level as all diners creates a peaceful and pleasant state of mind. Did you know that how you sit at the dining table when gathering for dining does affect your relationship with diners and even your digestion!?

Well, a round table eliminates the first problem of who you sit with, you can look at everyone on the same level and it also eases communication. The energy flows are optimized thanks to its round shape, energy just won’t come out of the circle! Who you choose to sit with would only make a big difference at a very big round table. Your posture while sitting is also of great importance while eating. If your outer posture is the correct one your interior digestion organs will be prepared for eating, otherwise you may be pressing and stressing them.


The first notion of the round tables dates back to King Arthur legends, described by Wace in the 12th Century and it became associated by the end of this century with the Knights of the Round Table.

Chinese also prefer gathering to dine around round tables. Because it fits more people and also to maintain the status quo. They enjoy facing all diners during their meals. They’ve rounded off the round dining table experience with a particular element in the centre of it: The “Lazy Susan” turning table! The rotating plate used to serve food in the centre of the table so that all diners can share.

And that’s it, dining is more than eating. Dining is sharing food, and sharing stories!

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