Work from Home, COVID-19: Amazon delivers these cool desks in less than 5 days

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Due to the current coronavirus pandemic many workers are forced to work from their homes. We don’t know how long this is going to take, and as uncertainty rises so does our willingness to invest in a comfy working space, since most of us are still lacking a good workstation at home.


On the other hand, it’s getting more and more difficult to go online to hunt for office furniture and appliances. Our famous working station Happer and some of our desks are already sold out and experiencing delays in shipping, that’s why I gathered a good collection of different desks that ship immediately, and you’ll get in less than 5 days. 


Experts reaffirm the crucial need to have a clean and neat working space (far away from distractions) to stay focused and create good working habits as well as a healthy routine.

1. The Simple Desk: If you’re one of those who thinks this is not going to last forever or you need to fit a low budget this simple desk seems more than enough to cope with your daily tasks. It fits your laptop and you can stretch your legs. Order today and get it as soon as on Saturday. Click to check price here!

2. The Large Desk: Those that need an ultrawide screen to work on huge excels may be looking for a larger desk. Need sells this: simple yet a very large surface that fits all you need to smash the day from home! Order today and get it by Sunday the 5th. Check the price here.

Desks to work from home amazon delivers covid 19 corona virus pandemic

3.The L shaped Desk: To sit together with someone and create the most motivating working environment. It’s a fact that sitting together with someone that’s working too will keep your focus. It creates the “office effect” we’re all seeking these days. Get it by Sunday and start working on Monday straight away! Check price here.

Desks to work from home amazon delivers covid 19 corona virus pandemic

4.The Stand-up Desk Converter: Sitting for long is proven not to be ergonomic for your back. Experts encourage you to choose between taking a 5-minute break to stand up for every sitting hour or getting a desk riser that allows you to work standing. I’m writing this post on one of these, standing. My experience is that it helps you stay focus for longer. This one is super big, fits 2 screen and has a keyboard tray. Get it as soon as on Saturday if you order today. Check price here. 

Desks to work from home amazon delivers covid 19 corona virus pandemic

5. The Home Schooling Desk: The one for the Kids. Make them feel like at school with this school desk. It has an open drawer to store their books. A great and cheap solution to make them stick to the routine at home. Put it together on Saturday, they’ll love it! Click on the image to check its current price.

Desks to work from home amazon delivers covid 19 corona virus pandemic


Our Coavas Team (also working from home) begs you to be patient, #Stayhome #Savelives, and keep yours safe. We'll try to make this lockdown a little bit more enjoyable creating a little bit of deco content every day. 

Have a good Wednesday!

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