The Generation that inspired Coavas to simplify homes

 black and brown Dachshund standing in box

Coavas  /ˈkəvərs/, meaning shelters, was established in 2016 following our dream to simplify furniture and homes.


Moving is crazy, I moved from house to house 13 times in my life. That’s about once every two years!


Let’s finally accept that we, millennials, are a generation of movers. Furthermore, we are a generation of renters. The struggle to fly from nest to nest and build a home is a common factor among us.


The first time it felt like home after moving out of my parent’s house was when I purchased a beautiful piece of furniture for my rented home. But I did not realize how early I would have to move out of that teeny tiny apartment. Thus, my enthusiasm for putting that beautiful console together faded 6 months later when I packed everything back in boxes, put them into my car, and drove away from the console I could not bring with me.


That’s when I though Furniture should be simple. Millennials are movers, we are the generation that needs to be flexible and ready to move from home to home.


Coavas focuses on making these home migrations simple and accessible while keeping our designs functional and modern. We are inspired by mid-century Bauhaus modern minimalism and industrial flare.


Our mission is to make any of your future homes feel like an actual home. With our simple catalog, fast shipping, and our folding furniture collection we aim to simplify your moving experiences. Moving shall be an exciting experience. Enjoy!


“If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of feet”